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Appnovation Technologies: Simple Website Approach Using a Headless CMS: Part 1

Web - Wed, 02/06/2019 - 3:00am
Simple Website Approach Using a Headless CMS: Part 1 I strongly believe that the path for innovation requires a mix of experimentation, sweat, and failure. Without experimenting with new solutions, new technologies, new tools, we are limiting our ability to improve, arresting our potential to be better, to be faster, and sadly ensuring that we stay rooted in systems, processes and...
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erdfisch: Drupalcon mentored core sprint - part 2 - your experience as a sprinter

Web - Sat, 05/12/2018 - 5:00am
Drupalcon mentored core sprint - part 2 - your experience as a sprinter 12.05.2018 Michael Lenahan Body:  Drupalcon mentored core sprint - part 2 - your experience as a sprinter

Hello! You've arrived at part 2 of a series of 3 blog posts about the Mentored Core Sprint, which traditionally takes place every Friday at Drupalcon.

If you haven't already, please go back and read part 1.

You may think sprinting is not for you ...

So, you may be the kind of person who usually stays away from the Sprint Room at Drupal events. We understand. You would like to find something to work on, but when you step in the room, you get the feeling you're interrupting something really important that you don't understand.

It's okay. We've all been there.

That's why the Drupal Community invented the Mentored Core Sprint. If you stay for this sprint day, you will be among friends. You can ask any question you like. The venue is packed with people who want to make it a useful experience for you.

Come as you are

All you need in order to take part in the first-time mentored sprint are two things:

  • Your self, a human who is interested in Drupal
  • Your laptop

To get productive, your laptop needs a local installation of Drupal. Don't have one yet? Well, it's your lucky day because you can your Windows or Mac laptop set up at the first-time setup workshop!

Need a local Drupal installation? Come to the first-time setup workshop

After about half an hour, your laptop is now ready, and you can go to the sprint room to work on Drupal Core issues ...

You do not need to be a coder ...

You do not need to be a coder to work on Drupal Core. Let's say, you're a project manager. You have skills in clarifying issues, deciding what needs to be done next, managing developers, and herding cats. You're great at taking large problems and breaking them down into smaller problems that designers or developers can solve. This is what you do all day when you're at work.

Well, that's also what happens here at the Major Issue Triage table!

But - you could just as easily join any other table, because your skills will be needed there, as well!

Never Drupal alone

At this sprint, no-one works on their own. You work collaboratively in a small group (maybe 3-4 people). So, if you don't have coding or design skills, you will have someone alongside you who does, just like at work.

Collaborating together, you will learn how the Drupal issue queue works. You will, most likely, not fix any large issues during the sprint.

Learn the process of contributing

Instead, you will learn the process of contributing to Drupal. You will learn how to use the issue queue so you can stay in touch with the friends you made today, so that you fix the issue over the coming weeks after Drupalcon.

It's never too late

Even if you've been in the Drupal community for over a decade, just come along. Jump in. You'll enjoy it.

A very welcoming place to start contributing is to work on Drupal documentation. This is how I made my first contribution, at Drupalcon London in 2011. In Vienna, this table was mentored by Amber Matz from Drupalize.Me.

This is one of the most experienced mentors, Valery Lourie (valthebald). We'll meet him again in part 3, when we come to the Drupalcon Vienna live commit.

Here's Dries. He comes along and walks around, no one takes any notice because they are too engaged and too busy. And so he gets to talk to people without being interrupted.

This is what Drupal is about. It's not about the code. It's about the people.

Next time. Just come. As a sprinter or a mentor. EVERYONE is welcome, we mean that.

This is a three-part blog post series:
Part one is here
You've just finished reading part two
Part three is coming soon

Credit to Amazee Labs and Roy Segall for use of photos from the Drupalcon Vienna flickr stream, made available under the CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licence.

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Pro-Trump social media stars 'Diamond and Silk' slam Facebook in Congressional hearing - CNET

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How to Export Zbrush Fibermesh to Blender

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Learn how to transport hair systems from Zbrush to Blender through control curves and the Blender HairNet plugin.

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Facebook branded a 'morality-free zone' in UK inquiry - CNET

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Mark Zuckerberg sent Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer to Parliament to face tough questions about Cambridge Analytica, dark ads and fake news.
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Fortnite is now the biggest console free-to-play game of all time - CNET

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Volvo wants EVs to account for half of its sales by 2025 - Roadshow

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Total recall? Amazon's giving Alexa a better memory - CNET

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Next-gen VW Golf will be offered as 48-volt mild hybrid - Roadshow

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48-volt systems are all the rage right now, and they're a good first step in electrification.
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EPA chief Scott Pruitt is bracing for questions from members of Congress eager to pry into allegations of unethical behavior and abuse of office.
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Woman who killed husband's mistress had binoculars, ammo, rubber gloves: Cops

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Police say Jennair Gerardot killed Meredith Chapman and then killed herself.
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