Converting Walmart Security Video (Verint Video Codec SN40)

Walmart security camera video is obfuscated by a proprietary SN40 codec from Verint. You can request a copy of the codec from Verint or it might appear as part of a public records dump by a government agency. (I'm assuming the software is not licensed to be shared as part of a public record.)

Supposing you successfully obtain and install the SN40 codec, you're still limited by what you can do with the video. It only appears to play in Windows Media Player. Other players (VLC, QuickTime) will play the file but the video display will be blank. Conversion with tools like Premiere or Handbrake is futile.

There is an easy fix.

Open the Verint Video file in a hex editor and replace any instances of "SN40" with "H263" near the top of the file.

hex editor screenshot