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College commission's plea to NBA: Bring back prep-to-pros

ABC News - 10 horas 51 minutos atrás
The commission proposing reforms to college basketball wants change to the NBA's age limit
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Isolated village spots a glimmer of hope in meeting of the Koreas

ABC News - 11 horas 46 minutos atrás
Mayor envisions walking to the 'Northern town across the borderline."
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Former US attorney is part of James Comey's legal team

ABC News - 12 horas 19 minutos atrás
Former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has prosecuted high profile cases taking on terrorists, mobsters, drug dealers and political corruption. He's representing Comey.
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Supreme Court to hear challenge to Trump travel ban

ABC News - 12 horas 21 minutos atrás
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear one of the most highly-anticipated cases of the Trump presidency: Travel Ban 3.0.
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Fleetwood Mac is moving on without one longtime member

CBS News - 12 horas 58 minutos atrás
The legendary band is announcing a new tour today that kicks off in October
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Republican projected winner of Arizona special election in GOP stronghold

ABC News - 13 horas 21 segundos atrás
Republican Debbie Lesko won Arizona's special election on Tuesday in a contest both parties were watching as a barometer of political strength ahead of the November.
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Danish inventor found guilty of killing Swedish journalist

ABC News - 13 horas 3 minutos atrás
Danish inventor Peter Madsen was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison today for killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.
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WATCH: New concerns about fake reviews on Amazon

ABC News - 14 horas 2 minutos atrás
Amazon's ban on paid reviews has not stopped sellers from recruiting reviewers on social media, according to the Washington Post.
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French president addresses Congress - live updates

CBS News - 15 horas 12 minutos atrás
Emmanuel Macron is wrapping up this three-day tour of Washington as part of the Trump administration's first state visit
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